About Us

UNGERT forwarding is specialized in providing to clients international freight forwarding and warehouse processing services as well as 3PL logistics solutions.

Guangzhou UNGERT International Forwarding Company Limited (广 州 永 哲 特 国 际 货 运 代 理 有 限 公 司) is a licensed service provider in China Mainland business. Guangzhou UNGERT International Forwarding Company Limited is a wholly foreign owned enterprise with high standards of service quality.

UNGERT forwarding Co., Ltd is a licensed service provider in Hong Kong business and as well as headquarter of UNGERT forwarding.

Our services are unique due to approach we are using:

               -       Self-developed IT platform;
               -       Well-equipped and computerized warehouse;
               -       Client orientation and high standards for service quality;
               -       Commercial information protection;
               -       Ability to solve non-standard tasks.

Choosing UNGERT forwarding, you make an accurate decision.



At first glance it seems an extremely simple matter. However, it is very difficult. The Commodity Code is organized into 21 sections and 97 chapters, accompanied with general rules of interpretation and explanatory notes. In order to classify goods it’s necessary to know full description of the goods (size, specification, material composition and so on). Classifying your goods correctly will help to ensure that you: pay the right duty and VAT and know whether an import or export license is needed. Incorrect classification can lead to your goods being delayed or seized and you will have to pay  duty and tax owed, plus possible financial penalties.