Branson to launch new tool for shippers to cut carbon emissions

BUSINESS magnate Sir Richard Branson's global carbon reduction NGO the 'Carbon War Room' plans to launch in one years' time a new tool on its website that is designed to help global shippers and supply chain managers increase operational efficiencies, lower costs and reduce carbon emissions. The tool will offer a free-to-access and fully transparent look at how ships are operated based on real-world satellite data. This free and publicly accessible information will give shippers simple, consistent data to understand the efficiency of their transport networks. It will also allow them to identify potential inefficiencies, find opportunities to optimise operations and reduce costs for everyone. The new tool will be launched on November 30 2017 at the World Ocean Council's Sustainable Ocean Summit in Rotterdam.


Upon receipt of the goods in case of shortage or damage, you should suspend the discharge and call the representative of the Chamber of Commerce, or surveying services for activation of the accident. These measures should be taken on a mandatory basis, as without this document you cannot claim to the carrier and put forward the requirements of the compensation for the damaged goods. Unfortunately, just photos are not enough, because they are not supposed to be an official document.