[Accurate decisions.]
[Accurate decisions.]
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China Local Service

With global-view dedicated logistics specialists and China rooted network, we will help you to expand your business from China. No matter what you are: a buyer or a foreign forwarder, we are the right partner who can accelerate your business and help you with expanding of your supply chain in China.

So for our overseas clients, who have service contracts with global or local carriers or who buy ocean or air freights through specialized platforms like MCC (Mearsk) spot or CMA CGM, ZIM and others we provide agent local services with minimum or no-comission fee. So you can control the freight rate and use us as agent to make booking to carrier, control the service of booking and make all other local value-added services. This service has become rather popular recently.

– Compliance: our goal is to develop business with you via long term relationship, so compliance is our first concern, we don’t disclose any information of clients’ business.

– Warehouse: through dedicated service, we can help you to do the consolidation and storage job, also we can prepare necessary storage documents you need according to your demands.

– Trucking: through partners, our trucking is all over China and we can deliver your cargo to any of your delegated port or yard.

– Customs Brokerage: according to your requirements, our professional customs broker can provide one-stop customs consultation and customs documents, so you can pass through customs clearance in China easily.

– Shipping Service: we have a long term cooperation with mainstream carriers in market, our customer service representative will handle all shipping related operations and smooth the whole procedure according to you demand.

– Risk controlling: risk managing is one major problem for all the traders, we can provide insurance package through insurance company partners. You can measure and control potential risk of your business.

Freight request


Telex Release means that carrier is ready to transfer the cargo to the consignee. Typically, carriers carefully watch over the payment of all fees declared in the bill of lading, and after that make release.

Telex Release is also known as an Express Bill of Lading. What happens here is that the Shipping Company issues an Original but they do NOT give the original to the Shipper. Shipper once the don't have questions from the Consignee on payments of goods stamp special form and send it the Carrier, in return the carrier mark the Bill of Ladding with Telex Release chop and mark SURRENDERED in their internal system. It automatically can be used by consignee on their side WITHOUT an Original at destination.

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