[Accurate decisions.]
[Accurate decisions.]
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Upon receipt of the goods in case of shortage or damage, you should suspend the discharge and call the representative of the Chamber of Commerce, or surveying services for activation of the accident. These measures should be taken on a mandatory basis, as without this document you cannot claim to the carrier and put forward the requirements of the compensation for the damaged goods. Unfortunately, just photos are not enough, because they are not supposed to be an official document.

Freight request


It’s interesting that 20 or 40 foot container became the standard only in 1964! Modern transportation cannot be imagined without containers for  obvious reasons:

1.Container protects the cargo from environmental influences and ensures preservation for any mode of transportation;

2.The same container can be moved from one mode of transport to another (from ship to rail or truck) without unloading and reloading the contents of the container;

3.Container must be sealed, so only final consignee can open it. Sealed contained guarantees the safety of the cargo and helps to avoid a lot of claims against the carrier.

Hence, container transportation is very convenient, fast, reliable and affordable.

Chinese and European Railway blooms in Germany

As the pioneer of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" land passage, China-Europe railway has become an important carrier to strengthen the interconnection between China and Europe. At present, the categories of goods shipped in China and Europe are mainly household appliances, mechanical equipment, auto parts, food, clothing and clothing, and e-commerce goods. The goods are gradually transferred to high value-added goods, and electronic products such as IT products have become the basic source of China and Europe. European production of machinery and equipment, food and other goods are also shipped to China with the backhaul railway. Statistics showed that in 2016, the number of China-Europe railway bloomed rapidly ,which opening railway lines to1702 lines, year-on year growth reached to 109% compared with last year , included 572 of the return-line, increased 116% numbers compared with last year. The final numbers of China-European return lines have reached to 1034 lines in Germany.

The initial development of the Asia-Europe land-route logistics and trade channel has attracted many German enterprises to involve in investment. The investor to set up distribution centers and branches in the relevant countries, remould transportation stations and logistics warehouses, and actively participated in the construction of " One Belt And One Road ".

In November 2016, at the International Conference on Logistics merchants in Duisburg, Germany, Erich Stark, chairman of the board of the Duisburg port stock company, said that the central European line was not only a trade line, it connected different markets to change the world industry and logistics activities, and the countries along the line wanted to participate in it. "In 2011, when China and Europe first opened the line between Chongqing and Duisburg, we were optimistic about the future development of this railway service. It took 19 days to get there, and now it has been shortened to 11 days to 12 days, and there are more than 20 lines a week, "he said. Duisburg Port Group has also signed a number of agreements with its partners in Chengdu and Hong Kong around the new transport have better utilize business opportunities.

In order to actively support the construction of " One Belt And One Road ", the German international railway freight business association has allocated some functions to promote the development of high-efficiency railway transportation system and mechanism in the EU. The association provided support for the new transport terminal of CEIBL to facilitate the docking of CEIBL in Germany and to increase the heavy box rate when the train returns from Europe. Under the framework of " One Belt And One Road ", we should expand China EU direct railway line, open up more new high standard, Gao Yunli freight channel, so that heavy transportation no longer need multiple transport, which can save a lot of transportation time ,financial resources and material resources. The chairman of the association, Olaf Kruger, said that for all the countries involved in the construction of " One Belt And One Road ", " One Belt And One Road " means more logistics infrastructure expansion and faster economic development. For Europe, the "one road" means the growth of trade with China, the modernization of the existing EU transport lines and the opening of new transport channels.

China and Europe also indirectly affected the development of the hub cities along Germany, and become an important link between China and Germany and their cultural exchanges with other countries along the central and European countries. Dusseldorf, as the two important central European class "Chongqing New Europe" and the important hub of "Yi Xin Europe", will benefit directly from the construction of " One Belt And One Road ". "The construction of One Belt And One Road ' is changing Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf is developing together with China, "Caither, mayor of Dusseldorf, commented. Therefore, the Dusseldorf municipal government is actively taking the lead and, along with the government and Parliament of the state of North Wei, launched the first 6 day "new silk road blue container" in November 2017. This has also become the first initiative led by the German government and closely linked to the " One Belt And One Road " initiative.

In addition to providing a part of the activity and nearly 2700 square meters of places, the parliament of North Wei invited artists and scholars from China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Germany to reside in the exhibition hall of container transformation, through books, Painting and arts and crafts, etc., show the cultural features of the country along the road. " One Belt And One Road " is not only the road of the economy, but also the road of culture, through the culture to close the distance between the countries along the line, deepening the communication, "said Papke, deputy speaker of the parliament of North Wei. Only when the people have a common heart and enhance mutual understanding through the cultural level, can we reduce mutual estrangement, increase trust and enhance the desire for cooperation.

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